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resort coin future of traveling

about the project

The resort coin was created primarily for tourists. It is a cryptocurrency that you can pay in hotels – resorts, for renting a room, for food in bars, renting diving equipment, for renting motorcycles and many more … people who pay the crypto currency resort have the status VIP and all 50 % discounts … our resorts will be located in the Philippines , Thailand and other tropical countries.

resort coin was created on the waves platform. the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) will be 6 months …


download applications to your computer or phone.


Total tokens available for ICO = 15.75 million (75% of the total supply)


ICO Round 1  01.01.2019-01.02.2019

Token Price: 0.30$

Tokens available for sale: 2,750,000



ICO Round 2  01.02.2019-01.04.2019

Token Price: 0.70$

Tokens available for sale: 5,000,000



ICO Round 3  01.04.2019-01.06.2019

 Token Price: 1.00$

Tokens available for sale:8,000,000



Blockchain: Waves

ICO Soft Cap : $3.500.000

ICO Hard Cap : $ 10.000.000
Total Tokens

Token Price
Initial Token Price 0.30$

Crowd Sale minimum purchase : 100 USD
Crowd Sale maximum purchase : 50,000 USD

Accepted Currencies:


   how to buy a resort coin?

very easy register on the site send wave tokens to the address    3PAJ6bw7kvSPf6Q9kAgfSLzmpFspZmsi1ki

  we will send a resort coin to your platform waves our coins .


To make a purchase you need to have Waves tokens first. You can get it in several ways:

1. send a cryptocurrency (eg Bitcoin) from your portfolio to Waves and replace it with Waves tokens on the stock exchange

2. to buy a cryptocurrency (eg Bitcoin) by a payment processor such as InPay specifying the address of the Waves portfolio (for a given cryptocurrency)

3. buy with a card for EUR or USD (you can use a card, the bank will make a conversion).


– some problem, write – I will help



register wallet

ICO START 01.01.2019-01.06.2019





















Place for a resort, Siquijor, Palawan, Bohol
































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